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Helping Writers Put Pen To Paper

From Work In Progress To Polished Manuscript

Strategic Outlining | Alpha Reading | Editing | 1:1 Consulting

Serving both fiction and nonfiction writers

online and locally in Greensboro, North Carolina

Michael Jaymes, published author and writing coach
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Statistics say 97% of people that start a book... NEVER FINISH!

As a writing coach, I can assist you with brainstorming, drafting, revisions, and editing. My goal is to not only help you get your project done, but to ultimately teach you more about the craft of writing, helping you elevate your writing to the next level.


I've had a client reach the Best-Seller list on Amazon, and another receive awards for their work. Your idea might just be the next best book!

Let's beat the statistics! Work with me, and I can guarantee you'll publish something you're confident in that's worth sharing!

Meet Your Writing Coach

Hey There! 👋

My name is Michael Jaymes, and I am a published author and self-employed writing coach. I started MJV Writings in 2019, and have had the opportunity to serve people all around the world. 

I initially only offered ghostwriting, writing dozens of stories for different clients. I soon discovered that it wasn't the writing that filled me with joy, but helping other writers bring their stories to life.

I spent the next multiple years studying story science, the art of engagement through writing, and the different styles and structures used to convey a message or story.

I began offering new services, starting with outlining, then alpha reading, and now more recently, editing and consulting.

In my time as a writing coach, I've delivered over 550 orders,

had a client's book reach the best-seller list on Amazon, and another receive 8 awards for their book. 

While I persue my personal endeavors as an author on the side, my main focus is on my clients and their books, helping them get their message and story out to the world.

If you'd like to know more about what I provide, or have any questions, reach out below! I look forward to discussing your project and how I can best serve you!


Pricing is dependant on the type of writing help each client needs. My prices are competitive and affordable to a wide range of audiences, including young and aspiring authors.

Contact me today for more information.


I pride myself on how quickly I turnaround work for my clients. I've worked with some writers that need chapter edits within forty-eight hours of their request, and I make it happen!

In most cases, I can finish a project within the same month, sometimes even within the same week of the initial request (depending on my workload of that week, the season of business, and the size of the project). Everything is first come first serve, so contact me today to find out when my next availability is. 

Thanks for submitting!

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