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Above, you can find five links that go straight to some other pages I manage. The first is my Amazon booklist, where I share all my recommended reads. The second is a link to my Fiverr profile, where you can see what freelance work I offer as well as my reviews. The third is my Instagram page. The last two are Skillshare and Youtube, where you can learn more about writing from my videos.

Below, you can find a link to check out my blog. Underneath, there is a section that tells more about how I became a writer. Scroll to the very bottom of the page if you want to contact me personally. Outlining or ghostwriting inquiries are always welcome, along with any other questions you may have. I'm also working on my third novel, so agent inquiries are welcome.

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My Story

Hey there,

My name is Michael, and I am a full-time writer. I have been writing since a young age when a good friend of mine passed away. I wrote a poem in honor of his passing and received feedback that encouraged me to continue writing.


Blogging and poetry became a hobby, and I managed a blog for the majority of my teen years. I slowly fell out of rhythm when I took a side turn in life after high school. Writing became a memory and was left behind as the realities of being an adult with responsibility came to my senses.


Every now and again I would think about how long of a break I had taken from writing, but I couldn't bring myself back to doing it. The stress of finding a successful career gave me justifiable reasons to throw my writing in the trash. I searched for a well-fitting job, but nothing seemed to fit due to my picky mentality. My greatest fear was growing up working the same job all my life, wishing I had chosen something I actually enjoyed. This drove me to finding odd, usually low-paying jobs, which I did enjoy for a time, but none of them were the job.

At one point, I thought I found my dream job, something I could see myself sticking with for more than just a few months or a few years like the previous occupations. How ironic that out of all the jobs I had, this was the only job I was ever fired from. I remember that famous saying rang in my ears after my boss had given me the news:

"Pride comes before the fall."

I was in utter shock at the time, and honestly, quite angry with the man. I looked up to him as a mentor. I was completely blindsided and felt like I just watched something I loved disappear. If it weren't for God's grace, I'd probably still be bitter about my former boss's decision, but something he said the last time we spoke will never leave me. He told me that I'm not going to be happy working for anyone else and that he truly believed I had the traits of a leader. "You need to go start a business of your own."

Laughing, yelling, praying, and crying—I was hysterical as I drove home. Looking back, I was foolish to scoff at his words. I was still in shock, didn't want to accept the truth. Thank God Fred did send me home that day. If it weren't for those words echoing in my mind, I would have never come to where I am today.

Not a week later, I decided I was going to find a way to make money doing something I love. I finally went back to writing, and I haven't stopped since! Like the death of a loved one, I never realized how much I loved writing until I had experienced losing it. Having it back in my life made me feel whole, like I was doing what I was created to do.

Fast-forwarding to today, I've delivered over 300 writing orders to clients, never receiving a single bad review. During this time, I've also gone through one 12-week online college course, read multiple books on the art of writing, and have listened to hours of authors and screenplay writers speak.  Along with ghostwriting many stories, I also had the opportunity to work alongside two of my clients and publish two different books. I've recently been able to move on from my part-time job, as my writing opportunities are only growing!

Right now, my goals are to continue to grow on Fiverr, as I am nearing the Top Seller list. I have also just recently began recording videos for Skillshare and YouTube, and I hope to share some of what I know with others who have a passion to write. Lastly, as I continue to work on my own personal writing, I hope to get connected with an agent and/or contact a publishing company about some of my new stories that are in the works.

I appreciate you reading my writing testimony.

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Feel free to contact me about writing inquiries such as fictional writing, outlining, collaborations, or anything else! Below you can find my social links, as well as my Amazon author page.
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