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Available Services

Fiction Outlining

Each outline comes with an outline guide, writing advice, and the outline itself. The outline guide explains how the outline works and how to use the outline provided. The writing advice includes unique tips pertaining specifically to your story. These tips come directly from my studying, and are not simplistic or general information you would just find with a quick Google search. The outline is then a plot-based outline with twelve specific points thoroughly laid out for your story. This outline will act as a map, which both provides structure to your story idea, while keeping it flexible for you to decide where you want chapter breaks, what information you want to expand on, and where you may want to add additional scenes. Outlines are typically anywhere from 20-50 pages long. As extras, clients can also choose if they'd like character sketches, a printable visual timeline, or extra writing advice included.


My ghostwriting services heavily depends on the genre of the book and the audience it will be written toward. For non-fiction, I have written in the motivational and Christian categories. For fiction, I have dabbled in fanatasy, but lean toward mystery and suspense. Most of my work has been in the young adult and new adult audience range, but depending on the book, I can also write toward adults as well.

Non-Fiction Outlining

Similar to fiction outlines, non-fiction outlines will also include an outline guide, writing advice, and the outline itself. I also include an outline skeleton, which basically gives a rough layout of how each chapter should be written. Non-fiction outlines are chapter-by-chapter outlines, which means I will provide a chapter title, prodding questions to help you understanding what topics should be covered in each chapter, along with a summary that covers the topics of individual chapters. These outlines are very strategically constructed, showing you why it is organized and ought to be written a certain way. For extras, I offer extra research, resource links, competition analysis, and extra writing advice.

Writing Mentor

This is a monthly offer for a very small group of clients looking to be coached in their writing. A day of the week will be set aside specifically for you, where we can talk or work together on the writing project you have. This means that 4 days of every month will be dedicated to whatever writing project you have. This can include 1-on-1 video meetings, research, brainstorming, analytical beta reading, and helping you begin the writing process of your book. There are a variety of things I can offer both hands-on or through teaching based on your needs, which makes this option very flexible for each individual client. Along with building an unforgettable relationship that will last a lifetime, I will help you through motivation and dedication to actually finish the book idea you have.

Alpha Reading

Similar to beta reading, alpha reading is where I come alongside you as you write each chapter and give suggestions and advice, listing the things I like, dislike, and would recommend changing. This is something I would be doing real-time as you complete each chapter, both teaching and critiquing your work as you move forward. If you've already started a story or aren't in need of an outline, this is arguably just as helpful. I offer this for both fiction and non-fiction writers.

Writing Assistant

Whether you are publishing books and actively hiring ghostwriters, or writing multiple books on your own, I'd love to assist you in anyway I can. Whether it be creating outlines, providing analysis on writing, finding writers within your price range to work with, helping with cover design, or other miscellaneous jobs, I can play an active role in ensuring that the books you publish are high quality and have a great chance of performing well.


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