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Professional Alpha Reading With Michael Jaymes

What Is Alpha Reading?

Writing a fiction or nonfiction book is challenging and often lonely! But having an experienced writing coach read along side of you takes a lot of the weight off your shoulders!


Alpha reading can be done on a chapter-by-chapter basis, or for finished works as well.


I provide feedback on what I like, dislike, and an overview of your writing at the end of each chapter. Not only will you find corrections and suggestions in your document, but I provide a tremendous amount of writing tips and advice along the way.


Having a writing coach read as you write each chapter is incredibly helpful, as this will teach you things about your writing, improve your orverall skills, and motivate you to ultimately finish the book!


I've been studying the art of engaging writing and storytelling full-time going on five years, writing my own books and helping others finish their work as well. I'd love to help you too!


Each alpha reading order includes:

  • Suggestions on what to remove

  • Suggestions on what to add

  • Sentence and word flow critiques

  • Plot improvement advice

  • Your strengths as a writer

  • Your weaknesses as a writer

  • Writing Tips

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