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What Is Evaluation Editing?

So you've written a book, but you're not completely happy with it. What now!?


Don't worry! That's where an editorial assessment can come in handy. :)


As your evaluation editor, I will assess what you've written and provide professional feedback and suggestions on how it can be improved. Not only will I discuss what I recommend should be changed, but I'll go over HOW I think you should go about changing it.


This means I won't just give feedback saying, "I don't like this," but I will provide advice and actionable steps on how I think you can fix things in order to make the process smoother on your end.


For fiction, here are some of the topics I may touch on in my feedback:

  • Tone

  • Character Development

  • Plot Holes

  • Setting

  • Pacing

  • Sentence Structure

  • etc.


    For nonfiction, I may focus on other topics such as:

  • Research Included

  • Style

  • Message

  • Clarity

  • etc.


    Writing a book is hard! Making it perfect is even HARDER! Don't beat yourself up. If you need help, I've worked with hundreds of writers in the pass, and I'd be more than happy to help you too.


    Reach out if you have any questions!

    Contact Michael Jaymes About Evaluation Editing Today!

    Thanks for submitting!

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