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What Is Fiction Book Outlining?

Fiction writing can be daunting, but a professional outline can take a huge load off your shoulders!


I have been studying the art of writing for over four years, using bits and pieces that I have learned from other authors to develop an easy-to-follow 12-step outlining process that can make your story come to life! What I provide is a strategical plotted outline, which will help you write your short story or book with confidence, giving you more ideas and laying a backbone to your story.


In your order, you will receive an outline guide, writing tips, the outline, and more resources for you as an author. Outlines are usually anywhere between 25-50 pages, packed full of insights for you to use when writing your story. I also offer printable character sketches and a visual timeline if you are interested. These outlines are great for sending to ghostwriters, or for you to use yourself.


While some writers may be offering more for less, I invest quality time into forming the best outlines for my clients. As a published author that writes outlines and coaches writers full time, you won't be disappointed with working with me.

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