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What Is Self-Help Book Outlining?

If you want a top-selling self-help, motivational, or other nonfiction book, you're going to need a strategy behind your idea.


My nonfiction outlines benefit you with tips, ideas, and research that take your book to the next level. Multiple clients go from using my outlines to having a published book they are proud of (see my portfolio for a few examples); I'd love for you to be next!


This is NOT your typical high school-level outline! I've dedicated my LIFE to the art of strategic writing; the time and effort I put into your outline will show. You won't be disappointed.


The outlines I curate are based on widely praised books and set you up for success, showing you how to mentally and emotionally engage your reader. My outlines are great for outsourcing to ghostwriters as well.


Your order will include an outline guide, an outline skeleton, the outline itself, and extra resources. I also offer competition analysis and research if you are interested.


I will guarantee that the finished nonfiction outline will leave you feeling confident in knowing exactly what you are going to write. A satisfied customer is my TOP priority! You won't have any problems with following the outline I create.

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