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What Is Developmental Editing?

When it comes to developmental editing, I mainly provide feedback on three main things: Conflict, Context, and Change.


Whether you are writing nonfiction or fiction, these are three things that must be a part of your book, and they are typically found in every scene/chapter.


  • Conflict refers to a story's overall plot, the obstacles the character/reader overcomes throughout the book, and the dramas between different characters.

  • Context refers to the information provided, whether there's too much or not enough.

  • Change refers to the arc of the plot and character throughout the story.


    When I developmentally edit a book, I give feedback after each chapter, highlighting these three things and whether I think they were done well or need work. I also do my best to leave feedback as I go.


    As a full-time writing coach, I have worked with hundreds of writers on their books. You can be confident I will provide the same quality and focus to detail as I provided them. :) You won't be disappointed.


    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

    I look forward to serving you.

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