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What Is Writing Coaching?

Whether you are new to writing or have multiple years of experience, talking to a professional writing coach can benefit you immensely.


I have worked with hundreds of writers around the world. Dozens of these writers have published their work, and even a few have become best-sellers and/or received awards for their books. I have also published multiple books of my own, along with providing ghostwriting, outlining, and editing services for other authors.


Through my experience, I have had the opportunity to both learn and teach on many aspects of writing, both in fiction and nonfiction.


The coaching session will vary depending on your needs. I can do a live edit and feedback of your writing, brainstorm your book with you, or help provide general writing advice if you just have questions.


If you are unsure, feel free to reach out and ask how I can serve you. I'd be happy to help you with reaching your goals of writing and publishing your work.


I look forward to serving you!

Contact Michael Jaymes About Writing Coaching Today!

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